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A prostate cancer diagnosis is NOT a death sentence. Early detection and proper follow-up is key to quality of life.

Dr. Jones has started and operated three Prostate Cancer MRI medical technology companies. ScanMed LLC created the world’s first dedicated and wearable prostate/pelvic MRI antenna, which has significantly improved patient comfort and detection of prostate cancer. FirstScan LLC, the world’s first dedicated MRI screening facility for prostate cancer, proved that MRI could be an accurate and cost-efficient method for detection of early disease. Bot Image, Inc. employs artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance physician accuracy in interpretation of prostate MRI.


There are several purposes for this website. Dr. Jones seeks to share insights and conversations on topics in which he has relevant experiences and knowledge and that he also feels are important for the good of the country and/or mankind in general. Please refer to the boxes below.

A primary purpose of this website is for it to be a significant contributor and supporter of the growing number of American voters who consider themselves near the middle of the extreme right and left of the political spectrum. Dr. Jones is joining a greater coalition of organizations and influencers that are pushing back against extremism and misinformation.

As Dr. Jones recently blogged, our great country is in need of life support and, despite the fact that the brain or chief executive has been replaced, the remaining systems remain sick and dysfunctional. The disease of cultural and political separation is spreading increasingly fast and needs to be stopped now.

Prostate Cancer Specialist


Learn more about Dr. Jones’ work as a prostate cancer specialist and his work with ScanMed and BotImage.

Inventor, Medical Device Specialist & CEO


Learn more about Dr. Jones’ work as a medical device specialist and the companies he has started and led.

Politics & Democracy


Learn more about how Dr. Jones is being a voice for change in the realm of politics and preserving the nation’s democracy.

Preserving Scientific and Medical Integrity


Learn more about Dr. Jones’ efforts to preserve scientific and medical integrity by removing politics from medicine and science and working on real solutions.


Professor and Chair, Diagnostic Radiology
OHSU, Portland

Fergus Coakley MD

“I have the good fortune of knowing Randy Jones for over 20 years, through our shared interest in optimizing MRI for the care of men with prostate cancer. Over all these years, Randy has deeply impressed me with his unflagging enthusiasm, innovation and knowledge. His passion for advancing medical care continues to drive him forward as he pushes the envelope of imaging technology, building on his unique blend of training, experience, and entrepreneurship.”

John Sealy Professor and Chairman of Radiology The University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, Texas

Eric Walser MD

“I’ve known Randy as a friend, a patient-advocate,and, yes-as a nerdy physicist. His ingenuity and eye for the future are only matched by his unflagging support for the health of humanity. This book gives us a glimpse of how empathy and technology can collide for the good of us all.”

CMO Bot Image, Inc.

Patrick D. Browning, MD MA MSL

“It’s rare to meet such a driven and talented inventor and entrepreneur like Randy Jones. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with him in my role as CMO of BOT Image. His ability to balance the competing demands of scientific development and running a successful business is unlike any I’ve seen before. And to top it off, he’s as engaging as any of the visionaries in Silicon Valley – a true renaissance man! I have zero doubt that everyone will enjoy and benefit from this book.”

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Buy Dr. Jones’ book to learn more about his journey from rural cowboy to medical device expert and CEO challenging the healthcare system with his inventions. Learn more about his plan of removing politics from it, preserving democracy, and how YOU can join the cause.

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